One word, yummy.


Lets talkcalories, or discuss what I think is  the health fanatics’ Waterloo? Because however, careful one is you get defeated.  I consider constant eating/drinking of calorie-rich substances  my mea culpa.

Lets talk about all the other  fun things in the world. Surely not boring calories? Who are they? Celebrities in little cereal boxes? Remember Salt and Peppa ‘s ‘Lets Talk abouts sex’. Instead we could replace the abominable 3-letter word with ‘calories’- ‘Hot to trot, make any man’s eyes pop’. Yeh, calories do. If one consumes too many. They also make the GP’s eyes pop.

What really are these Calories.? Dictionaries claim they are units of energy. A French dude apparently discovered them many years ago. No matter how many times you try and read, remember, decipher,translate or try and sudoku the little numbers on the box; do you really bloody believe them? Is there Government…

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