Poster publicizing the June 28, 1997, Holyfiel...

Poster publicizing the June 28, 1997, Holyfield–Tyson II fight, dubbed The Sound and The Fury (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There were two great boxing matches last night and early this morning. There was a heavyweight contest in the UK between Derek Chisora and David Haye ; and  in Las Vegas  Amir Khan was fighting Danny Garcia. Both Danny Garcia and David Haye won by knocking out their adversaries in the 4th and 5th rounds respectively.It also meant we had to stay up till 5:30 AM. Meaning  missing most of the Summer sunshine today. If you are familiar with the weather we have had this summer, any little sunshine we get is heaven-send and has got to be savoured.

Boxing has been dubbed a brutal sport. Some have even stopped calling it a sport. Watching the Khan-Garcia fight, it reminded us all of  the brutality of this ‘sport’. The left hook just before the end of the 3rd round that landed in the area just behind Khan’s right ear was vicious. It was the precursor to the knock out, and the punch was that strong it knocked the stuffing out of Khan. Khan was eventually saved by the umpire,in the 4th round. Amid some half-hearted protests. The post-fight interviews compelled me to write something. Danny Garcia’s father/trainer Mr Angel Garcia called Khan an ‘old pair of tennis shoes’ – Very magnanimous in victory! You would think the victor would be gracious. However, what compelled me to write was not just that comment, but the other more serious comments afterwards. He said, ‘If Danny dies in there I’ll be happy and sad because he died like a warrior’. It must be hard for a parent to support your son in such a brutal sport. It must be even harder if you are the coach/parent. Most parents would find it excruciatingly painful watching their son being clobbered senseless. It made me cast my mind back to 1991 when Michael Watson and Chris Eubank  fought at White Hart lane . A fight that was so frenetic and brutal which ended tragically with Michael Watson suffering a brain injury. Levander Johnson died as a result of boxing.  Others too have suffered life-threatening injuries and even death.Now going back to Mr Garcia’s comment. How can anyone play in a ‘sport’ where you can be expected to ‘die a warrior’?  Is it right to continue supporting such a ‘sport’? Licencing bodies are meant to be there to make sure it is safe and boxing is conducted with propriety. However, people are still going to be hurt,after all to knock someone out normally means to make them unconscious.Boxing has been a sport for centuries and has saved many a young male from a life of crime, drugs and other social ills.  Angelo Dundee (Muhammad Ali,George Foreman) , Cus D’Amato (Mike Tyson) just to name two were credited for saving the lives of a lot of young men in the USA, . Gyms, and trainers in various countries are doing a remarkable job ensuring young men channel their aggression and other impulses into playing in this sport. This has to be commended surely. Boxers are remarkably strong people. It takes guts because the risks are high. You have to be a special type of sportsman to put yourself through the physical training and be prepared to knock out your opponent. And also expect one day to suffer being knocked out too.

The 2 fights last night were good entertainment. The 4 fighters as well as the other fighters on the undercard did their sport a great justice. That also includes David Haye and Dereck Chisora , notwithstanding the murky background to the fight. It is exciting. And brutal. People will get hurt because it is a fighting sport. It is entertaining to punters watching. It is the purest of sports and one has to admire the sheer stamina of the protagonists. It is a sport that will always divide opinions. The farce that led to the David Haye-Dereck Chisora fight should be rooted out. The sport needs to be seen to be controlled properly. All boxing fans look forward to great boxing matches. There are so few of them these days. The heavyweight class may as well be dead. The Klitchkos (who also divide opinions) have got monopoly that would have made USSR  Kremlin  very happy indeed. Better challengers to the Klitchkos are direly needed to make that division more exciting. We also hope Amir Khan will be able to revive his career and perhaps go for the world titles again. He made several mistakes this morning, as he seemed to be in a hurry to knock out his opponent. He  underestimated Garcia who boxed intelligently. Khan is an exciting boxer and once he has recovered from the bruised ego he suffered we are sure he will give it a go again. He must have learnt a lot from that defeat this morning. As for Danny Garcia, it will be interesting to see how well he progresses. The sport needs these talented boxers.

Boxing witnessed last night and early this morning was fantastic. Boxing as a sport is entertaining and exciting for the fans watching. Because of the pugilism, brutality will remain part and parcel of this sport. Without it, boxing may as well be turned into another version of World Wrestling Entertainment. A very entertaining spectacle I shall add.