Wolf (Photo credit: Arrr!)

Once upon a time, there lived a big ugly wolf in the forest. He had 2 little cubs but there were no other adult wolves around at all. Rumour was that he ate the mother wolf after the birth of the two cubs. One day a little monkey knocked on the door.

‘Knock, knock, knock’.

‘Who’s at the door’, growled Daddy Wolf.

‘It’s me’, squealed a little voice. ‘I am Dambo, from the forest beyond the river. Can I come in?’

‘Well, if you must,’ growled the wolf.

Little deer opened the door tentatively. And stepped into the house.

‘What do you want?’ the wolf demanded, impatiently.

‘Eh, eh…I eh I..eh..’Little Deer struggled to say what he wanted to say. His little legs were shaking; eyes bulging, now as big as big as golf balls.

Impatience was etched across Daddy Wolf’s face, as he could not comprehend the impudence of the little animal walking into his den. ‘Little Deer what do you want?’ ┬áhe growled again. The little Baby wolves could sense their daddy was getting rather cross. They started squealing, making funny noises to get their daddy’s attention. Hoping he would cheer up.

‘Eh, Sir. I wanted to play with your little babies. Its always been my wish to play with your babies. Will you let me?’ Asked the little deer.

The wolf said ‘Well come in and play’. Daddy wolf then shut the door.

The little deer was never seen again.