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The internet can be an effective place to find love. According to a recent Pew Research study, about 37% of single people have used some form of internet dating site, and about 17% of online daters have found long-term love online. With well over a million paying members and 20,000 new members joining each day, is the leading online dating site. And, overall, online dating sites are expected to earn 1.9 billion in revenue this year alone.

When looking for love online, women seek men with high-paying jobs. In turn, men are more likely than women to reveal financial information about  than women are.

However, the most common answer that you will hear if you ask  women about what they want in a man; it would be either good looks or good sense of humor.

Grammar matters! Studies have shown that when it comes to online dating profiles and messages, grammar matters just as much as the content itself. Poor punctuation is a turn-off to both sexes.

In Qatar there are 307 men for every 100 women.


The Olympic Torch relay was started by the Germans for the 1936 Olympics, as part of their propaganda onslaught


200 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


London is the first city to host the Olympics three times – 1908, 1948 and 2012.

London 2012 Olympics will run for 17 days.

Over 11000 athletes are competing at London 2012

The Olympic motto is citius, altius, fortius – Latin for faster, higher, stronger.

The five interlocking rings represent the five continents.

Greece’s athletes enter the stadium first at the opening ceremony.

541 athletes are representing Team GB at the London 2012 Olympics.

Track and field athletics dominates with 2,242 athletes, but after that (and excluding team games), there’s swimming (948), then shooting with 391 and Judo with 390.

As recently as 1984, women were barred from running marathons, and in 1996, 26 countries had no female athletes in the Games.

First Olympics ever where every country will be represented by at least one female.

The United States has more female athletes competing than male athletes, with 269 women competing, and 261 men.

Middle Eastern countries Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Brunei are sending women for the very first time.

Female participation in sport is banned in Saudi Arabia. Their female representative was born, raised, and trains in the USA.

Some 44% of all athletes are women (highest numbers from the UK). In terms of percentage of the major teams are: Japan (53%), Russia (52%), the US (51%), the UK is further down the list with 48%, behind Ethiopia.

Over 11000 athletes are competing at London 2012

150 000 condoms have been provided to the athletes at London 2012. 130 000 were supplied at the last Olympics in Athens.

4 billion viewers worldwide are expected to watch the Olympics

For the first time ever, 3D Live television will be screened at the Olympics.

The world’s biggest McDonald’s with seating for 1500 was constructed for the Olympics.

1948 Olympics-Athletes had to bring their own food.

Baked Bean is cockney rhyming slang for the Queen.

The Cook Islands’ eight athletes represent a rate of 40 per 100,000 inhabitants – the highest rate in the world.


Though toilet paper is often thought of as a cornerstone of modern Western civilization, it was invented in China in the 6th century.

Toilet paper comes in two varieties: virgin, which is freshly made from chipped wood and non-virgin, which is recycled paper.

India’s population is set to grow by over 295 million, or 26% by 2025.

Italy has the highest rate of mobile phone subscribers in Europe.

In Japan nearly 30% of the population is aged 60 or over.

More than 30% of women and men in America are obese.


Buffalo Theory

Theory expertly explained:

The Buffalo Theory: One afternoon at Cheers, Cliff Clavin was explaining the Buffalo Theory to his buddy Norm. And here’s how it went:

“Well ya see, Norm, it’s like this… A herd of buffalo can only move as fast as the slowest buffalo. And when the herd is hunted, it is the slowest and weakest ones at the back that are killed first. This natural selection is good for the herd as a whole, because the general speed and health of the whole group keeps improving by the regular killing of the weakest members.

“In much the same way, the human brain can only operate as fast as the slowest brain cells. Excessive intake of alcohol, as we know, kills brain cells. But naturally it attacks the slowest and weakest brain cells first.

In this way, regular consumption of beer eliminates the weaker brain cells, making the brain a faster and more efficient machine. That’s why you always feel smarter after a few beers.”

I found this on a Forum and decided I should share. It’s so good. I used to watch Cheers, and remember that I used to wonder whether all pubs where that fun. I was a young boy then. I also remember once (maybe more than once) going to Cheers Bar in London, just to see whether it was as good as the TV Bar. From the bits I remember I had fun, however, and a few of the weaker cells may have been exposed to a premature end.

Any road, the Theory has been around for centuries, and it has been repeated and shared countless times.Which seems to show everyone loves it. Cliff Calvin turned it into something quite memorable and popular in that episode of Cheers

Herd of Buffalo

Herd of Buffalo (Photo credit: ambergris)

TV show. However, I remember a long time ago some egotistical leaders tried to use this theory or some variation of this theory to justify their  abominable barbaric policies. From where I sit, the Theory is just a bit of fun. Pubs tend to have a very good share of patrons who are ‘philosophers’ or theorists-normally they only ‘come out’ after a few drinks. It is all banter and good fun, I suppose.

What do other people think?

Golden Jubilee

Queen Elizabeth II wearing the Sovereign's ins...

Queen Elizabeth II wearing the Sovereign’s insignia of the Order of Canada and the Order of Military Merit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Queen had a Golden Jubilee this year. I don’t know whether Queen Lizzie was very excited or not. It is not easy to tell. However, a golden jubilee of posts will soon hitting the Press. Tonight the lofty number 48 goes out.

What drives people to blog? I am sure some studies have been conducted by the intellectuals who reside in the wisdom towers of our ‘esteemed’ universities. It will be interesting to find out the outcomes. I have read a few ‘About’ pages and they are, I would like to posit a view, a window sometimes into the blogger’s mind. Well, some may think that is a naive perception, but it does make sense.  My ‘About’ is as barren as any can ever be. Why is that you may wonder. It’s because of fear of the unknown. Fear that people who obtain that little glimpse into my soul may use that and destroy me. Just kidding. My ‘about’ page is a little atomic representation of my  persona. Some share a little bit at a time to whet the appetite. Others like to share more about themselves and believe an open book policy is the best policy. I am sitting on the fence, like a typical Liberal.

The other Saturday I spend a day at Liverpool Museum (England). A wonderful place to get to know about the past. Reconnect with the origins of Man. It’s like a fountain. It’s a vast repository of historical facts, artefacts  and also does educates shows on the lunar system. Historical artefacts from all the continents are expertly curated. There is an amazing array of  objects one never even imagined existed. I have always been interested in History and the Philosophers, so it was great spending sometime with the likes of Marcus Aurelius, Socrates, Plato etc. Looking at all these effigies from a bygone era, relics from hundreds of years, possibly thousands made me think: Did they use to worry too about people having a proper look into their psyches? Or is it because the information age has made us extra sensitive because of the ‘1984’ world we live in (George Orwell) . These worries I am sure have been part of human nature since the beginning of time. For those who know the Bible, the ‘apple’ incident I think is a case in point. No matter how we live or where we live, we are always concerned someone may want to get an edge over us. And sometimes we succumb. Self-preservation, Nature’s first great Law, has always been part of us.  The transient nature of life emboldens our resolve to ensure we survive. Its been drummed on us to be always on the guard.

Blogging is fun.It is also cathartic and can be therapeutic.It is quite interesting reading the posts. I find great joy in the knowledge that there are millions of like-minded souls out there who want to share their knowledge, experiences and sometimes very personal lives with the rest of the world. I will continue reading the ‘About’ pages and the posts and  hope with time I will get a better understanding of the ways of the world. I look forward to writing my 50th post – Should I celebrate wildly like the cricketer hitting the half-century or should I celebrate with the grace and poise shown by the Queen during her Golden Jubilee celebrations?

Being a fence-sitter, I cannot make up my mind just yet.  Typical Liberal.

Marcus Jansen

Marcus Jansen (Photo credit: vandalog)

The three mates were having a good time . Chilling out and having fun. They had not been out together for a while and tonight it felt really good. Clare, Amanda and Jason were  best mates and they loved hanging out but most of their hanging out lately had been on the social network site  Facebook. Work and relationship pressures had made it nigh impossible to meet often.
‘Girls lets have some fun. We are gonna party tonite!’, enthused  Jason. Giggling as he brought 3 Flaming sambuccas to the table.
‘Wow Jase. You sure know how to get the party  started!’ trilled Clare.
TGIF!’ Responded Amanda. ‘I so needed this after the week I have had’, she continued.
‘Hear, hear. Girls this is just the appetizer. We are going to have a proper party tonight. Are you up for it?’ Jason enthusiastically enquired.
‘I have heard there is a ‘special’ at the Cotton Club. If we get in before 10PM we can get in for free.’ Jason knowingly volunteered once more to a captivated audience. The three had been friends since high school. The three of them, all in their mid-20s. Jason is single,  Claire is engaged to be married and Amanda seems undecided.
‘The Cotton Club it shall be then. We can go after the next drinks,’ agreed Clare.
Jason ordered another round of drinks. The Flaming Sambuccas were going down a storm. The atmosphere was getting even hotter. Everyone seemed to be in a good mood. Everyone around them seemed to be having fun too. Having fun was decidedly the  be all and end all. Never mind what tomorrow might bring.

The Cotton Club was renowned as the best club in town. A town whose High Street was so desolate, the only ‘high’ left was the transient feeling the junkies got from the cheap drugs and cider they consume from the doorways of abandoned supermarkets. It would never compare favourably with clubs in the bigger towns.  But any small town would be proud to have such a refuge for nocturnal shenanigans. Every town seems to have at least one such facility. The club was a dimly lit cavern. A  throwback to the eighties. Effete eighties, well if one could discern anything from the dim lighting. The locals had a less than flattering name for the club. Among local circles, it was referred to as the ‘MILF market’.
The sound of drum and bass music resonated from the walls and the ceiling as the three revellers walked in. The DJ was playing Titanium by David Guetta. The 3 revellers hurriedly made for the dance floor and as if on autocue  started gyrating away. Dancing so badly it was almost comical. A man on stilts would have had better grace and coordination. They were having fun. Drinking and dancing the night away, like all young ones.

‘More drinks guys?’ Jason shouted at the top of his voice as the song was thumpingly coming to an end.
‘Why not?’ They both chorused in unison. The three of them sashayed their way to the bar, music still blaring away.
‘Lets have some Tequila Slammers,  guys’  Claire found herself saying. The drinks  were duly ordered. Consumed with panache. Then more cocktails. And then out of nowhere, Amanda noticed a striking man. Even in these dimly lit environments, the eye has got powers only itself can understand. Dashingly good-looking. Time stood still when their eyes locked. As if driven by some  supernatural force, she winked at him. His response was staggering. He confidently walked towards the source of the wink, like a moth attracted to the light.
Amanda was slightly taken aback. Just slightly though because the drink had stilled her resolve.
‘Hey. I am Marcus, you have got the most amazing eyes’, he cheesily introduced himself. ‘You are the sweetest…’Amanda couldnt care less what was coming out of that mouth. Either the drink, or the music had awakened some senses. All she wanted was to get really close and….’Oh, gosh. What am I thinking! ‘ She wondered to herself.
She found herself being led to the dance floor.They immediately joined the other dancers, dancing to some hip-hop number. All Amanda could do was stare into those eyes, admiring his movement, and hoping she was dancing in tune to the song. Then as the song was about to come to an end, Amanda tripped and fell to the floor.’Bollocks’, she muttered to herself embarrassed. Marcus somehow got entangled and fell on top of her. Her dress mini-dress could barely cover her modesty. As she frantically tried to regain some composure, her lips touched Marcus’s and they had a short but wholesomely hungry  kiss. Accidentally of course. For that fleeting second she was oblivious to anything else, let alone realise she was on the dance floor kissing a stranger. A stranger who didn’t even know her name. She then somehow managed to summon the power  and pushed him off. Hurriedly getting up, she  rushed to the Ladies. Claire, who had  been watching the two, instinctively got up and followed Amanda.

Amanda felt bad. She was embarrassed at the fall. Embarrassed she had kissed him. Although to be honest she also felt rather warmish, tiny part of her was excited as well. Truly excited.

‘Are you ok pet?’ Claire worryingly inquired. She tried opening the door to the cubicle, only to find out it was locked from the inside.’Did you hurt yourself?’
‘ I’m ok babes. Just give me a minute to sort myself’. She responded unconvincingly.
Perhaps this is fate. This guy was meant to meet me here. Tonight is the night. She could not ignore the excitement that was building up inside her. It’s no good trying to ignore the flame of yearning that was slowly engulfing her, she thought to herself. She felt helpless. Was it the alcohol or the desire, she wondered. ‘Gosh I’m like a dog on heat!’ She mumbled to herself, with that a little smile creased her face.
She frantically tried to snap out of this reverie, she then yanked the door open. Her eyes couldn’t meet Claire’s gaze. She just couldn’t. She had to cool down first, and so splattered some cold water over her face.
‘That guy is hot, pet.’ Claire reminded her, as if she needed reminding.
Gosh, I wish she knew how hot I am feeling inside, she thought to herself.
‘Oh, which guy?’ She tried to deflect. She knew whom Claire was referring too. But she did not want Claire to read her thoughts.
‘That guy you were dancing with. Whats his name?’
‘Oh him. Its Marcus.Lets go back to the bar. Im parched’. She tried to change the line of conversation. But Claire could not be rebuffed that easily. As they walked back to the bar, Claire  kept talking about Marcus.
He was waiting at the bar with Jason. Chatting away. She wished she could just melt away, but he had caught sight of her. No escaping then.Seeing him, rekindled that feeling that she was frantically fighting. She had  never felt such wanton desire. Such unbounded lust.It was like a thousand little feathers were mesmerizing her. Egging her on. Its terrible, she thought to herself, why can’t I snap out of this feeling.
‘Hiya. Are you ok? Sorry about that little tangle on the dance floor. I didn’t mean to. ‘Marcus tried to break the ice.  She interrupted him.
‘Never mind its fine. I’m ok’. She responded. There was a slight lilt to her voice. She hoped her voice would not reveal the internal war she was fighting.
‘We have got some drinks here for you. Marcus bought them,’ Jason spoke, bringing her senses back to reality.
She quickly, took hold of the proffered glass. She wished the drink would help numb the desire. Douse the flames enveloping her whole body. ‘Should we find somewhere to sit?’ She tried so much to disguise the inner turmoil. She was just hoping the tremors in her voice would not betray what she was going through. They found seating. But she could not stay still.
‘Hey Amanda, you know, I only found out your name from Jason’, he started to chat again.He was seating opposite her. She tried hard to remain calm.
‘Oh, eh. I had forgot. Anyway, let’s go outside for some air’, she found herself asking him to come outside with her. This shocked her too. It was like some other person had taken control of her senses. Her body was no longer hers. She was on fire. She wanted so much to kiss him again.
‘Have you got a ciggie?’ She asked as soon as they got out of the club. She didnt normally smoke, but she couldn’t just grab him and kiss him, she felt.  His response was unexpected but welcome.
He responded by taking hold of her then planting a kiss on the lips. A little kiss,which soon turned into one feverish smooch.She closed her eyes. Taking everything in. Her body making all the decisions. Before long they had moved away from the front of the club, to the car park. To the side of the club. She was way too gone. The flames from her loins. The hunger from her body. Pulsating and crying out to be mesmerised by his body. Before long, she had her pants off. Like an animal, a dog, bend over with her hands clasping his backside tightly. Voraciously wanting to be ravished. She pulled him closer. She guided him. That moment he  entered her. Turgid. She felt like she was on fire. A fire rippling through her, there were thousands of little flames. All she could feel was his moves, quivering inside her. Bend down as she was, she could feel his whole body smashing into her. Breaking her into thousands pieces of immeasurable joy. Against her wishes, a sudden urge to cum overcame her. She so desperately wanted to prolong that ecstasy……… Then to her amazement she suddenly heard a distant voice:
‘Wakey wakey, Daddy!’  She thought that’s what the voice was saying; sounding like a child’s voice calling  ‘their daddy!
‘Wake up daddy!!’ The voice piercingly shrilled again.
This time it had a rousing effect, and  Amanda got jolted to life.
The little voice belonged to his son, who was excitedly trying to wake  him up, pulling away at the quilt. Where was he? He began to wonder. His mind was so befuddled. It took him a while to work out where he was. Slowly, he began to remember he must have been dreaming. His head felt sore and he felt  quite groggy.  He attempted to open his eyes. The hangover was making that such a painful ordeal.

‘Let him sleep, Joe. Your daddy had a big birthday party last night’, he heard his wife tell their son.
‘Mom, but I want to play with my daddy’, little Joe pleaded. He felt rather guilty and slowly started to understand what was going on..

He slowly got up.

Summer’s Day

Sunday 22/07/12

Wonderful day today

Sun shining
Beauties shining
Music spicing

We had the regional Morris Dance championships at our local club today. The day was long, but the sun didn’t let us down. The dancers did not let us down either. They were all resplendent in their shiny tunics. Attires that would even make a nun blush.

From the age of four to ladies of all ages (plus 2 men), they all danced competing within their age groupings. There were at least 12 troupes from all across Lancashire and the North West of England. Some won, some did not win. A few cried. Some were struggling from the combination of the heat and the dancing exertions, but they persevered.The ultimate joy is definitely in the taking part though. Us spectators enjoyed it more,I think. A parade of some spectacular attires, worn by some undoubted beauties. A few drinks thrown in, beautiful sunshine. What more could one ask for.? It was like a carnival, though without the violence and bawdry. It was like a summer jamboree, though this time is wasn’t for scouts. Better than a Spamarama. Toddlers had fun.So did the infants, teenagers, adults and the Silver Brigade. It was a day to be savoured A day for all to have fun, joy and unfettered excitement. . There are a few pictures on Instagram, but I have yet to work out how to marry WP to Instagram.

For the uninitiated, Morris dancing is mainly confined to the north of England. There are historical inaccuracies as to its origins. However, its agreed it has been tradition for centuries. At least since 1500. Morris dance is a form of English folk dance accompanied by music and choreographed by a group of dancers. The nearest America has got is probably Line dancing. But I have heard there are Morris Dancing troupes in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the USA. We have regular weekly championships and the troupes come to this part of Manchester only once every year. It is a day and event to be savoured. The whole community comes out in support. The dancers, especially the local dancers, work so hard to get accolades before their friends and families.

English: Modern North-West English "Morri...

English: Modern North-West English “Morris Dancing”, which bears little relationship to folk traditions. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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