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A gold medal with the olympic rings inside

A gold medal with the olympic rings inside (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Its been a glorious 17 days of sporting action. London did the UK proud. I do not think London has ever seen anything like this before –  a 2 week (and a bit) carnival of sport and sheer joy.

I spend all of last week in London watching the games and doing the tourist bit too. I could not blog using my ipad because for some strange reason, the latest WordPress app update is malfunctional. There was me thinking updated technology was meant to make things easier.

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Any road, a fantastic time was had by all. The weather sulkily stayed good. It wouldn’t rain on this parade. The athletics was great. The athletes were superb. Even the Royal Family was out in full force supporting the Games. The highlight for me was watching the Men’s 200 metres and being totally overwhelmed by the sheer excellence of the Jamaican sprinters. Mo Farah won 2 Golds in the 5k and 10k – What an achievement. It takes guts, stamina, drive and some incredible motivation to achieve such a feat. And who will ever forget the ‘mobot’!. The Golden Girl, Jess Ennis did not disappoint either. She came, overcame all the others and delivered. Perfection! I was also impressed by Michael Phelps. What an amazing achievement! All those medals collected over 3 Olympiads. He is a legend and will forever be remembered as a fantastic athlete/swimmer. Another Legend I was honoured to watch was  the lightning bolt that is Usain Bolt, in the flesh. He has swept all before him. What an athlete. I wouldn’t be surprised if he turned up in Rio in 4 years and simply sprint away with the medals again. The British cycling Team was marvelous too. Victoria Pendleton, Bradley Wiggins, Sir Chris Hoy, and the rest of the crew did not disappoint. The British Sailing team,Tennis players,  the Boxers, Pentathletes – all the athletes did remarkably well. Andy Murray finally won a title at Wimbledon! He was also oh so close to becoming a Double Gold medallist!  Football attendance  crowds beat all the records it is a pity Team GB ladies and men’s teams disappointed. However, the finalists gave us a good show. Brazil were shocked by Mexico, it seemed like the Brazilian team presumed they would walk away with the Gold medals. Congrats to Mexico. Many World records were set or broken-David Rodisha’s was exceptional. He simply annihilated all before him in winning the 800 metres.This young man is one to watch for the next few years. There was one other remarkable athlete who shall be remembered for his courage and athleticism- Oscar Pistorius. He fought hard to be included in the main Olympiad when others argued he should instead participate in the Paralympics. He did himself proud, his country and the whole world. Hats off to him.

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I hope this penny-pinching Government will continue supporting the sports people now the Olympics has left town. They have been making the right noises so far. However, I never trust politicians and I will not be surprised later if we find out the sports budget is somehow curtailed surreptitiously. A lot of effort and energy needs to be invested in competitive sport at Primary school and high school levels. Moreover, pupils should be made to realise you have to compete to win. Taking part is important, however, a winning mentality needs to be nurtured from a very young age. This is something I find quite disappointing every time I attend our local school sports day. There is no real competition at all. The remarkable achievements of the youngish Chinese and American swimmers are a case in point. Pupils should learn to compete at an early age and strive to be the best in whatever sport they take part in.

Some people my choose to disagree here with me. I found it hard to appreciate that BMX racing is an Olympic sport. Please! Roller-blading next!  Since we will be in Rio, maybe introduce Samba dancing as a sport too. I have got nothing against the BMX sport, however, I have always viewed it as a hobby. Walking marathon is another. Well,how does one train to be a walking marathonist? I just don’t get it. Golf has been added to the list of Olympic sports. I love watching Golf, but I seriously do not think its an Olympic sport. I don’t think anyone will ever convince me to think otherwise. Why are they leaving out Squash and or even Darts? These important people entrusted in making such decisions are a funny bunch indeed.

Closing Ceremony

The closing ceremony was just as spectacular as the opening ceremony. Brits know how to throw a party! They did a good party. I will never forget watching the politicians dancing to the music, especially Boris Johnson!! It was interesting, didn’t realise the man could move! He is just as quick on his feet as he is with his one-liners! The ceremony was great. It did market some of the best bits about the UK to the outside world-I loved the convertibles on show! Wow! If I was some rich prince somewhere in the Middle East watching the Ceremony on my super-cool 3D, I would have been on the blower instructing one of my many assistants to get me one of the convertibles! It was a remarkable show and the Guardian’s apt description is on the money:  “a kaleidoscopic spectacle” that showed “the energy of British popular culture over the past few decades. We even had a glimpse of the Spice Girls, they arrived in London Cabs! It spiced the evening for me,and millions others. The imagination, artistic imagery and the crowd made it such a special occasion. A fitting end to the ‘best Olympics games‘ bar none. According to the Washington Post: “The host country truly was Great Britain. London delivered a rousing Olympics. …..the most organized, enthralling and enjoyable Games since Sydney in 2000.” London 2012 won a Gold Medal of its own. I hope people like Mitt Romney and the others who doubted this great City could deliver are eating humble pie. And I hope this is not the only misjudgment this Republican candidate has made.

Hats off to all those involved. The 70 000 volunteers were remarkable and made the games all the more enjoyable. The few we met were always smiling and always helpful. The crowds were magnificent too. Lets hope the Olympic spirit will linger longer and be like  an extra-strength dose of a mood-enhancing drug to the country and the economy.

Veni vidi vici


Wimbledon (Photo credit: paulafunnell)

Roger the Conqueror

Roger Federer has defeated Andy Murray in the Wimbledon Men’s Final by 3 sets to 1. It was not the classic many wished or expected , and it not give Britain the Champion her people wanted.

Andy Murray started valiantly. Roger Federer started nervously.

Andy Murray’s defeat has extended the decades of hurt, briefly numbed by his ascendancy to the Final. He will be remembered as the only Brit to have punctured a hole , albeit slightly in the ever-ballooning decades of pain. Andy Murray had his moments, especially when in the second set he appeared to be taking the set and so probably ‘whitewash’ the Swiss. However, that did not happen in the end. Even the ghosts of Wimbledon past, the wishes and  fervour of the whole nation stretching  from the  Shetlands to the Land’s End. He valiantly attempted to win against Federer; one of the most exciting players of his generation. All his attempts were to no avail.

Federer fought gallantly. He came to Wimbledon to win the title that had so alluded him for 2 summers, that most people thought he was on the wane. And maybe there for the taking! Having knocked out his nemesis, Novak Djokovic in the semis, surely Federer must have felt this could be the year in his pursuit of moving further away from Pete Sampras’s  haul of Grand Slams. Federer has got 4 more Grand Slams now compared to second-placed Sampras. What an achievement. The elimination of Novak, must surely also have given Andy a glimmer of hope. Perhaps, just  maybe…Federer did not play well in the first set, perhaps overwhelmed by the emotions and spirits pervading the Centre Court. He saw hope in the eyes of all the Brits. Perhaps read it in the papers, heard it in the news too. But he came to win. To conquer. The  moment he broke serve in the third set, he was just unstoppable. Andy Murray fought hard. Tried his best. Though it was not good enough.

The nation’s hopes that had been  lifted to statropheric heights were sent crashing down to earth in the fourth set when despite Andy Murray’s determination Federer kept nicking the points. The pain was etched on the fans’ faces , some were evidently crying. Murray’s mother and girlfriend’s tears  showed how hurting this defeat was.  They were micro representation of the tears streaming down the faces of all those who had so desperately wanted Andy Murray to win. The only happy folk in the land were the Bookies,who avoided a stonking defeat from the punters if Andy Murray had won! Andy Murray, one must add  did remarkably well this year. No one really expected him to shine this far. He did and deserves the plaudits he gets. He may not be too far from winning a Grand Slam. But then again, this maybe as good as it gets. Who knows. He is still a great tennis player and that is why he is in the top 5 in the world. He is the best tennis player from the United Kingdom, and has been the only player for some time now that  the country realistically expects to at least win one Grand Slam. Tim Henman never went this far, was not as good either.Yet he had a Hill named after him!

The nation dearly wanted a British Champion. Roger Federer was the party-pooper. Andy Murray will surely come back stronger for the experience.

The day though belongs to the conqueror. He came to win, he saw the hopes, wishes, the pain, and the headlines proclaiming the British Champion was nigh. He defeated all before him. He defeated all the dreams and aspirations of a nation. He conquered.

Federer was magnanimous in victory. Andy Murray was gracious in defeat. Federer is no schadenfreude. He is a born winner. A remarkable sportsman. He is again the World Number 1, and it will be interesting to see how Rafa Nadal, Novak  Djokovic and Andy Murray  respond.

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