Out on the lush . Cheap booze at Thomas Burke
 in God’s own Country, England.

This was meant to be a cool drinker’s blog. And unfortunately, the ‘demon drink‘ played tricks up and the brain got lazy. Be that as it may,  I have often wondered why after one or 2 drinks the creative part of the brain works up. Chat up lines get more acute, vision gets better, its more fun and the world becomes one’s oyster.

I am not trying to glorify drink. No one should. However, I am also not trying to speak badly of drinking. Some people do. I have never been ‘holier than thou’ and shan’t start pretending to be after all the years of experience i have gathered. Like a moss. I have often had, and often recounted that the Bible recorded the first historical account of the acceptance of ‘alcohol’ within the Christian faith. Wines were made  miraculously by Jesus. If alcohol was such a demonic drink…..The thing about drink that we all appreciate is that it gets us trolleyed. Bladdered. Whacked. Drunk. We can never ever conquer it, however, how many times we try. It’s actually quite funny sometimes watching people dance after they have had a few drinks, especially at weddings.

I actually remember the first time I had a drink. I was a late developer,so all my mates were veterans by the time I started. My first ever drink was a gin & tonic! Oh yes. I used to hang out with ladies who liked to ‘lunch’, and they always had G&T. The ribbing I get these days from my mates when I ordered a G&T! It was especially quite bad a few months ago when on a boys weekend, we visited a small village near Cardiff, and lo and behold yours truly ordered a G&T-all my mates were drinking lager/beer or whisky! I had to endure some spicy remarks. Messages were even posted on Facebook,but I stuck to my guns. I digressed there. When I started drinking, I tried to hide it from my mom so much that my sisters found it hilarious. My mom knew all along that I was drinking, well, not at alot but still I could not man up and say ‘mom I love you, but I also love a beer now and again!’ She ‘only found’ out when one night, I just could not stand or sit still and ended up knocking the food off the table. I had outed myself! Very embarrassing indeed.

Talking of parents, do you ever wonder why parents are always good at scaring kids. Its like they attend a ‘parents’ school whose main subject is ‘Scare the hell off those little kids’. . ‘Hell’ here has no religious relevance, its a substitute for a word I felt some of a unique disposition may find rather crass. You here parents, ad infinitum claiming: ‘Don’t do that or you will go blind’; ‘Dont  watch too much TV or your eyes get square’….There is always a warning attached to something that kids like to do. Wouldn’t it be funny to have  ‘Parenting skills‘ as part of the school syllabus. That way we could get formalised qualifications as the current hotchpotch system aint working. universities will not struggle to get students and the scourge of conservatism-single parenthood could be eliminated! Imagine having a PhD in parenting from Harvard? Or University of Oxford? Or even Oxford-Brookes? One thing for certain though is that no one will ever agree on the curriculum. It is a pleasure being a parent and like breathing, it is something that should come naturally. It can be a challenge, and very difficult. Breathing can challenging too after a run, exercise or overly-excited. And also when unwell.

I am off camping. I  hope you are all having a great summer. Happy drinking.  Happy parenting. Or just be happy, what ever you are doing.