Reading a title like that makes one wonder what the world is coming to? Venetian blinds? For what? Apparently they need shielding from the sun’s rays so they can get a good kip!! Tell that to the poor woman whose house they burgled.

I visited Peterhead Prison about 20 years back. I was part of a team to assess a prisoner for parole. So that’s as much as I can say on that.

However, when I heard the prison service was to erect or install these blinds, I was totally taken aback. I agree prisoners have to be humanely looked after. I agree they have got fundamental rights like every one else. And I also agree my tax should not be wasted  so we can accommodate pandering to the whims of the bureaucrats in Europe, and the criminals in our jails.

The Human Rights Act 1998, I believe was not introduced to suffocate the lives of European citizens. Prisoners deserve the protections afforded by the Act. All citizens do. This prison, for crying out loud is shutting down next year! Why is it so imprerative that crucial budgetary funds are so directed to these occupants of her Majesty’s Prison service. Funding is being cut right left and centre and the NHS are having to ration medication. What are our national priorities?

For some reason, prisoners are geting away with the proverbial. If and when a  child is naughty they have to suffer the punishment. Be it the naughty step or grounding. All depends with their age. Getting blinds fitted in prison to me is like saying to a little boy/girl you are naughty and go sit on the naughty step for 10minutes. But hang on, mom and daddy will bring  your TV (Showing your favourite Nickeledeon/Disney shows) so that you are not inhumanely  treated! No one is seeking the recreation of the gulags, or even an imitation of Guantanmo Bay. Prison aint a holiday camp. Neither is it a break from the norm. Its a correctional facility. A place where punishment should and must be served. In addition rehabilitation should be achieved.

Crime does not pay. Howsoever, liberal we want to be that is a fact. The Human Rights Act 1998 is essential. However, the Act does not ipso facto mean that prisoners should not be held accountable.Prisoners, like everyone else in society deserves respect. Prisons are there for a reason.