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A silver medal with the olympic rings inside

A silver medal with the olympic rings inside (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Finally they have arrived. The whole world witnessed one magnificent spectacle last night when the Olympics were officially kicked off.

More than 11000 athletes are competing. Well, watching the archery today I thought, umm maybe the word athlete is abused here. Whenever ‘athlete’ is mentioned, I for one expect a specimen of physical fitness, evidence of hard work at the gym, running swimming or whatever. The Olympics motto is ‘Faster, Higher, Stronger’ and I am sure the Olympic family embraces all those who take part.  But looking at the archers,well! It doesn’t matter anyway. The Queen apparently parachuted herself into the Olympic Park! Who would have ever thought or imagined that possible. Whether it was the Queen or not is secondary. David Cameron was in attendance too. What he made of it I will always wonder. The best bit for me was watching the athletes walking into the stadium. They are the performers, without them there will be nothing to watch.

Mark Cavendish (cyclist) did not win the gold medal as everyone expected. He didn’t get any medal at all. After Bradley Wiggins‘s victory in France last week, we all expected Cavendish to triumph on home soil as well. He is a very, very good cyclist.It wasnt meant to be. Michael Phelps could not get a look in as well. He came fourth in the 400m Individual Medley. Ryan Lochte,had the cheek to beat him. The American part of the Olympic Village must be a fun place to be tonight. Team GB ladies football team is doing well and I hope that will be replicated by the male team.


Just been watching English teams playing or showcasing the ‘beautiful game’, in the USA and Canada. They prefer calling it soccer in those parts. Liverpool just played a 0-0 draw with Spurs,and that got me wondering whether the Americans enjoyed it at all. Or how much they are enjoying it. Of course there is a significant proportion of fans who have always watched ‘our football’ or migrated from the hotbeds of football and they will of course enjoy watching the teams from England and Europe. Liverpool have a massive fan base across the globe too. The English teams have every right to invade those ‘virgin’ territories to develop more marketing opportunities. How is the market responding?  The MLS seems to be getting stronger and more competitive too. It’s a good thing the MLS never thought they would name their competitions a ‘world Series’ like the MLB does. Is soccer proving to be a major competitor to MLB, NBA, NFL, NASCAR etc? As a football lover, I really hope soccer becomes big in America. The other side of the same coin though, is that I would also love to watch say the Boston Red Sox playing the White Sox or the Dodgers in the UK. The NFL have a game annually at Wembley. Surely MLB could also have something similar, at Lords or the Oval! After all even NBA has exhibition ,matches, plus, there is the Harlem Globetrotters!


It is indeed a very good weekend for sport. We have got darts tonight as well. We have got the World Matchplay at Blackpool. Here is to Hoping Phil ‘the Power’ Taylor is victorious. Whats in a name anyways? All these sports like to call their tournaments ‘world’ this and that. Americans do that for competitions involving not more than 2 countries. Yes Uncle Sam that’s true. Darts now have also got onto the act and proclaim to have a ‘World Matchplay’. Possibly involving more than 5 countries. The mind boggles. But does that give these sports the right to add ‘world cup’ to their competitions? At least with football (or soccer we know every country in the world gets a look in. Why is darts not an Olympic sport,any road? Surely it is a sport and you are very unlikely to find anyone taking performance enhancing drugs in this sport. Moreover, there would have been a guaranteed Gold Medal for Team GB – Phil Taylor would have won it. It time the IOC reviewed the games on offer. Talking of performance enhancing drugs, Hysen Pulaku from Albania has all ready been thrown out of the Olympics for using anabolic steroids. At least two other athletes from Morocco and Hungary have been precluded from taking art in the Olympics because of the use/abuse of these illegal substances.

Formula One

Congrats to Lewis Hamilton getting pole for the Hungarian Grand Prix. The boy is made of sterner stuff. The British tabloids have been relentlessly trying to make his personal life a nightmare of late. If not discussing the ins and outs of his contract with McLaren, they are busy trying to turn a mole hill into a mountain – Apparently Lewis Hamilton had the temerity to hang out with mates (including girls)  when Nicole Scherzinger was away working.Therefore his girlfriend is either (1) going to give him a stern talking to, or (2) Dump him. Well,well, well,I bet the same journalists are allowed to go out for drinks with friends of the opposite sex without asking for explicit permission from their other halves! Ignore the barracking Lewis, and win the Hungarian Grand Prix for all the millions who follow you and McLaren. Admittedly McLaren have had a bad time of late with pit stops, mechanical faults, weather et al. Hopefully they have turned a corner! An interesting fact I just felt I had to throw in: Sebastien Vettel has never won in July. He doesn’t win in July. Therefore the competition for first place tomorrow will just be Alonso, Webber, Schumacher and or Button. Those are my bold predictions. Ladies and gentlemen.

It is quite exciting at the moment.London is doing well. We hope the weather decides to take a back seat and not rain on this parade. Oh and we hope Mitt Romney and his apparatchiks are watching: ‘YES WE CAN.

32nd Post

Olympic Games Message

Olympic Games Message (Photo credit: chooyutshing)

I am actually enjoying this blogging malarkey. Today I pen my 32nd blog. I can’t wait to reach the half century. Gee I sound like a cricketer at the crease.

Anyway, I started blogging this year. What drove me to blog? I have always loved writing and some changes in life have also revived this thus far dormant desire. And here I am. Writing is such a release. A joy. My life is like an open book now. I am sure a few people reading the posts can mentally work out what kind of person this blogger is.

Enough about self-promotion!

Militarization of the Olympics

I was watching the news this afternoon and I heard that the Olympics Games are struggling to get adequate security people. Apparently they can not get the required number of security people and they are  going to hire the armed forces.

Correct me if I am wrong. Dont we live in a country deep in an economic morass? Unemployment is sky rocketing, yet we can not get a measly 3000 extra people to staff the Games. Something is rotten in the state of  the UK! There are people paid five-figure salaries to plan these events. Couldnt they have worked out, all those  years ago that plans should have been in place for the recruitment of all security personnel. Surely someone somewhere was meant to be reporting to the Government on the progress. The hiring of Security personnel should have been prioritized, especially in these days of heightened security worries. Apparently and according to reports, G4S is being paid more than £300 million to provide security for the Games! This is a shocker. A waste of money. Total ineptitude at its worst. The Government is complicit and they should not be blaming G4S or the organisers of the Games. Surely they should have shown decisive senior leadership and make sure the organisers were being supervised properly. Drafting the Army smacks of desperation. I support the Army, and the boys and girls are sacrificing their lives all over the world to safeguard our democracy and freedom. However, at home the Barracks are being shut, we are having to rely a lot on NATO,  the Americans, and the resources are stretched. Why add more stress to the all ready stretched military resources? Our Armed Forces should be left to do their work, and not become security guards. The companies tasked and paid handsomely for the provision of security services must be penalised. Personally I do not think it is a good sight seeing armed soldiers around the stadia and all places hosting the games. What would visitors from abroad think when they see all these soldiers around. Would that not instil fear? Moreover, some of these visitors maybe coming from countries where the armies are used as state apparatus to repress people. They will surely think the UK is no different when they see all these soldiers about. It is a disgrace. And an embarassment.

I am so looking forward to the Olympics. It’s so great seeing all the countries from across the globe competing for medals and honour. It would even be greater if all the warring countries/rebels or whatever they call themselves declare a ceasefire during the games so that people from all over the world can watch and enjoy the Games in peace.

English: The City of London skyline as viewed ...

English: The City of London skyline as viewed toward the north-west from the top floor viewing platform of London City Hall on the southern side of the Thames. In the foreground: Dixie Queen and Millennium Time at Tower Millennium Pier. This is a 5 segment panoramic image taken by myself with a Canon 5D and 24-105mm f/4L IS lens. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Born of Zeus the Legend says, Great Olympian

Gather in London they do

Bodies finely honed

Each leap year nations leap for Gold

Despots,democracies, enemies, friends sup together they do

Gold they all crave

Price of gold so high

Cruel mixtures are the brain’s torment

Who shall swallow the bitter pill of defeat

Barcol, sorcerers, magicians promise gold

Gold, Silver, Bronze athletes crave

Barcol, sorcerers, magicians are thick in the air

Temptations so hard to resist

Winning is all and all

Oh Olympians! Oh Mighty Zeus

On their knees your children wail

The birthplace can not compete

Price for survival so high

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