Lewis Hamilton (GBR) McLaren MP4/26 en el circ...

Lewis Hamilton (GBR) McLaren MP4/26 en el circuito Valencia Street Circuit, G.P. de Europa, octava prueba del Mundial, el viernes 24 de junio de 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Formula 1 Drivers Championship has never been this exciting for some time. It has so often been predictable and boring.

The British Grand Prix is this weekend and it promises to be another exciting race. Silverstone,the home of Formula 1 in the United Kingdom is yet again hosting this motor racing spectacle. 96 000 lucky spectators will be able to watch it live . McLaren, being one of the leading British racing outfits will be hoping to finish first. McLaren will surely try to recover from their last travails at Valencia where they could not make the podium. And failed to get any points. Moreover, Lewis Hamilton was shunted off the track. His car was struggling to get to the finish line in any case. No one wants to be beaten in their own home ground, so they will be pulling all stops to make sure they win the Grand Prix.

The added prospect of rainfall will make it even more a challenge and it will add to the excitement.

There was sad prelude to the race earlier this week when the Marussia test driver Maria De Villota suffered some horrific injuries following an accident. She has lost one eye as a result.  We all wish her a speedy and full recovery.

Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button have rightfully been hogging the limelight. Lewis Hamilton is second in the Drivers’ Championship.Jensaon has had a topsy-turvy season so far. Another Brit, Paul di Resta has maintained a low profile, but is proving to be a competitive driver. He is going to win one of these days. His driving has become better and he seems quite focused. His reputation has surely gone up a notch. He has so far amassed as many points as he amassed all of last season. Surely that’s an improvement. So he is one to watch.

Fernando Alonso will always pose a serious threat. The Ferraris are quite strong now and seem to have overcome some teething problems. The Ferrari has been quite competitive since the Spanish Grand Prix in May.  On his day he is hard to beat, he won the last Grand Prix after starting in 11th place. Besides, Fernando Alonso is the only man to have won twice this season . A remarkable season that has seen 7 different drivers  finishing top of the pile. Seb Vettel is also proving that he is no flash in the pan. The car let him down at the European Grand Prix and he will be trying hard to make amends. The Red Bull car is quite strong, but it has been beset with some gremlins this season. For some reason the car is not as reliable as it was last season.

The second part of the season is surely going to be different from what we have so witnessed. The top 3 cars, that is McLaren, Ferrari and Red Bull are surely going to get better and the championship title will be fought within this group  (Williams and Mercedes will not upset the apple cart). These 3 aforementioned cars are going to be more consistent; McLaren will surely have overcome their pit-stop failings and as is often wont in life, the cream shall rise to the top.

McLaren are going to do well as this is their home turf. Ferrari maybe pipped by Red Bull. Red Bull will be chomping at the bits following  the problems they experienced at Valencia (European Grand Prix).

Predictions for the podium are:

1. Lewis Hamilton

2. Sebastien Vettel

3. Jenson Button

Hey, I got the predictions wrong. Thought Alonso maybe could make 4th. Webber,…uh. Not a bad driver, but expected Vettel to pip him. As for McLaren-What a huge disappointment. No national pride at all. Expected much better. Coincidentally,I spent Saturday night having a chinwag with one of the ‘official fans’ who spent a vast fortune to be at Silverstone for 3 nights. This guy naturally expectedMcLaren to be competitive. The damp squib show was an anti-climax.

My predictions were wack, but I am gonna get it right next race, the Germany Grand Prix at Hockenheim. Watch this space!