Relationships are great. Loving someone, having someone special is great. People all over the world have either got someone they love. That specail someone, or they are seacrhing. Dating websites are 10-a-penny. They all promise to get you that ‘soul mate’. If ever there was any phrase that’s forever abused it is the phrase  ‘soul mate’.

Most people look for a shag-mate or a ‘friend with benefits’. Yes some seek love. But some seek that fling, that excitement they will get from knowing they are seeing someone else.

I digress.

My initial aim when I started writing this piece was to talk about relationships and the pros and cons. It is not easy to maintain a good loving relationship. Ups and downs are there everyday.  The most important thing is to ensure you keep the candle burning. People often take each other for granted and this is the main root cause of domestic strife. The ones who love you most, are the ones who also hurt you most. Keep fighting for the love.Dont give up on your partner, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend or significant other. Or OH. It is not plain sailing, but its interesting and is full of hope. The grass always looks greener outside. Its mere temptation. And its a mirage.

If the grass was that green outside your relationship, why is it there are millions of people who desperately want to have that someone they can share their lives with. Always remember.