Olympic Games Message

Olympic Games Message (Photo credit: chooyutshing)

I am actually enjoying this blogging malarkey. Today I pen my 32nd blog. I can’t wait to reach the half century. Gee I sound like a cricketer at the crease.

Anyway, I started blogging this year. What drove me to blog? I have always loved writing and some changes in life have also revived this thus far dormant desire. And here I am. Writing is such a release. A joy. My life is like an open book now. I am sure a few people reading the posts can mentally work out what kind of person this blogger is.

Enough about self-promotion!

Militarization of the Olympics

I was watching the news this afternoon and I heard that the Olympics Games are struggling to get adequate security people. Apparently they can not get the required number of security people and they are  going to hire the armed forces.

Correct me if I am wrong. Dont we live in a country deep in an economic morass? Unemployment is sky rocketing, yet we can not get a measly 3000 extra people to staff the Games. Something is rotten in the state of  the UK! There are people paid five-figure salaries to plan these events. Couldnt they have worked out, all those  years ago that plans should have been in place for the recruitment of all security personnel. Surely someone somewhere was meant to be reporting to the Government on the progress. The hiring of Security personnel should have been prioritized, especially in these days of heightened security worries. Apparently and according to reports, G4S is being paid more than £300 million to provide security for the Games! This is a shocker. A waste of money. Total ineptitude at its worst. The Government is complicit and they should not be blaming G4S or the organisers of the Games. Surely they should have shown decisive senior leadership and make sure the organisers were being supervised properly. Drafting the Army smacks of desperation. I support the Army, and the boys and girls are sacrificing their lives all over the world to safeguard our democracy and freedom. However, at home the Barracks are being shut, we are having to rely a lot on NATO,  the Americans, and the resources are stretched. Why add more stress to the all ready stretched military resources? Our Armed Forces should be left to do their work, and not become security guards. The companies tasked and paid handsomely for the provision of security services must be penalised. Personally I do not think it is a good sight seeing armed soldiers around the stadia and all places hosting the games. What would visitors from abroad think when they see all these soldiers around. Would that not instil fear? Moreover, some of these visitors maybe coming from countries where the armies are used as state apparatus to repress people. They will surely think the UK is no different when they see all these soldiers about. It is a disgrace. And an embarassment.

I am so looking forward to the Olympics. It’s so great seeing all the countries from across the globe competing for medals and honour. It would even be greater if all the warring countries/rebels or whatever they call themselves declare a ceasefire during the games so that people from all over the world can watch and enjoy the Games in peace.