I love Twitter. It is a really cool blog. But what I can not understand is why just 140 characters to make your statement. Or perhaps that could be adequate.

It is like we should speak synoptically. We could twitterise everything we talk about in life. Well, I suppose when it comes to relationships/marriages its been Twitter-speak since Adam and Eve. Not a lot was said to Eve to get her to eat of that fruit! I am sure whoever invented Twitter must have  been a man and he possibly  got the eureka moment a few weeks into their marriage. After realising you can get what you want without saying much.

In most male/female relationships one has got to admit the fairer sex does most of the chatting. I am not being sexist. Just being a  realist. If you want some peace at times all it takes is say something that the other half does not like. You then get a 140-characters barrage in response. After that, complete schtum. Or sometimes an extra few words like ‘you dont listen’ or in worst case scenarios,  a few select expletives. After that the conversation gets to zero or a few characters at a time. until the day one apologizes or buys flowers.

Most relationships I have been told, break down because people are not talking anymore. Communication is blamed, as is if it is the 3rd person in the relationship.  I beg to differ. People talk. But they Twitter. A few syllables in the morning at breakfast. A few texts during the day. Yet more syllables in the evening. Then topped by the ‘headaches’ twitter bedtime. So people do talk, but can not understand each other because their conversation has become limited to 140 characters. Actually, I think some men are quite satisfied with communicating that way, anyway.

Wouldnt it be magic if parliamentarians were limited to 140 character speeches in Parliament. The words, ‘Mr. Speaker, sir’ and ‘My Honourable friend’ would also constitute part of the 140 characters!  Imagine Prime Minister’s Questions or the debate on some nondescript Bills. If you were to separate the grain from the chaff, take away the grand posturing and propensity to lie, politicians do not say much at all in Parliament either.Talking of Bills, a State Senator in Arizona Rich Crandall proposes that aside from just being able to snoop via wireless carriers on the numbers their teens are texting, they get access to the content (the language). Big Brother in the 21st Century. Be warned. Well, best of luck to the parents who want to decipher the content!

Kids have all ready stolen a march and parents/adults are playing catch-up!

School-going children, teenagers are all ready adept at the new form of speaking: words (or are they?) such as  BFF, OMG, gtg, gl, brb, y, lmfao and lol  have all entered the lexicon surreptitiously. Why not introduce a form of the Language, using  Twitter-speak as the standard into the curriculum? The great and the good of many years ago attempted to introduce Esperanto into our lives. Twitter-speak could be the alternative, the panacea. Even folk who do not speak English exclaim OMG! Imagine the whole world speaking Twitter-speak. We could all understand each other perfectly. The advantages would be immense: Harmonious relationships will be built, thus putting to bed the communication argument for relationship break-ups! .Students will pass their language exams. Politicians could be trusted. It would also enrich family relationships and communication as parents and their children will be able to converse on level terms.

We can all become Twitter-specialists, Psychologists will compete to set up Twitter-compliant psychological tests. And who will need Facebook anymore? Or even Bebo? There will be times when one wants to vent out their frustration and Facebook could be the place for that. Or if that fails, speak through Flikr, or Pinterest-after all a picture speaks a thousand words.

I have always been fascinated with speech, the intonations, the body language and the subtexts. However, I am a very common man who wants it black and white. Remove the sarcasm. Take away the innuendo. Just serve me plain omelette when I ask for an omelette.

We  should have a Eurovision Twit Contest. Im sure the Brits would win that. Just bring out Jordan. The less said, the greater chance of triumphing!


Bff will like this. Others may not. Gr8 if its k. Y its original. Np if u dont like it. Gl with your life. imo we should have a soh. lmfao.

There! Said it in 140 characters: Best friend forever will like it. Others may not. Great if its to your liking. Yes its original. No problem if you dont like it. Good luck with your life. In my opinion we should have a sense of humour. Laughing my ass off.