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32nd Post

Olympic Games Message

Olympic Games Message (Photo credit: chooyutshing)

I am actually enjoying this blogging malarkey. Today I pen my 32nd blog. I can’t wait to reach the half century. Gee I sound like a cricketer at the crease.

Anyway, I started blogging this year. What drove me to blog? I have always loved writing and some changes in life have also revived this thus far dormant desire. And here I am. Writing is such a release. A joy. My life is like an open book now. I am sure a few people reading the posts can mentally work out what kind of person this blogger is.

Enough about self-promotion!

Militarization of the Olympics

I was watching the news this afternoon and I heard that the Olympics Games are struggling to get adequate security people. Apparently they can not get the required number of security people and they are  going to hire the armed forces.

Correct me if I am wrong. Dont we live in a country deep in an economic morass? Unemployment is sky rocketing, yet we can not get a measly 3000 extra people to staff the Games. Something is rotten in the state of  the UK! There are people paid five-figure salaries to plan these events. Couldnt they have worked out, all those  years ago that plans should have been in place for the recruitment of all security personnel. Surely someone somewhere was meant to be reporting to the Government on the progress. The hiring of Security personnel should have been prioritized, especially in these days of heightened security worries. Apparently and according to reports, G4S is being paid more than £300 million to provide security for the Games! This is a shocker. A waste of money. Total ineptitude at its worst. The Government is complicit and they should not be blaming G4S or the organisers of the Games. Surely they should have shown decisive senior leadership and make sure the organisers were being supervised properly. Drafting the Army smacks of desperation. I support the Army, and the boys and girls are sacrificing their lives all over the world to safeguard our democracy and freedom. However, at home the Barracks are being shut, we are having to rely a lot on NATO,  the Americans, and the resources are stretched. Why add more stress to the all ready stretched military resources? Our Armed Forces should be left to do their work, and not become security guards. The companies tasked and paid handsomely for the provision of security services must be penalised. Personally I do not think it is a good sight seeing armed soldiers around the stadia and all places hosting the games. What would visitors from abroad think when they see all these soldiers around. Would that not instil fear? Moreover, some of these visitors maybe coming from countries where the armies are used as state apparatus to repress people. They will surely think the UK is no different when they see all these soldiers about. It is a disgrace. And an embarassment.

I am so looking forward to the Olympics. It’s so great seeing all the countries from across the globe competing for medals and honour. It would even be greater if all the warring countries/rebels or whatever they call themselves declare a ceasefire during the games so that people from all over the world can watch and enjoy the Games in peace.

English: McDonalds' sign in Harlem.

English: McDonalds’ sign in Harlem. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lets talk calories, or discuss what I think is  the health fanatics’ Waterloo? Because however, careful one is you get defeated.  I consider constant eating/drinking of calorie-rich substances  my mea culpa.

Lets talk about all the other  fun things in the world. Surely not boring calories? Who are they? Celebrities in little cereal boxes? Remember Salt and Peppa ‘s ‘Lets Talk abouts sex’. Instead we could replace the abominable 3-letter word with ‘calories’- ‘Hot to trot, make any man’s eyes pop’. Yeh, calories do. If one consumes too many. They also make the GP’s eyes pop.

What really are these Calories.? Dictionaries claim they are units of energy. A French dude apparently discovered them many years ago. No matter how many times you try and read, remember, decipher,translate or try and sudoku the little numbers on the box; do you really bloody believe them? Is there Government Food agencies out there that really microscopically measure these calorie amounts. And even if they claimed to be, why would we believe that it is true anyway. Didnt Benjamin Disraeli, a former Prime Minister claim that ‘There are three kinds of lies: ‘lies, damned lies, and statistics‘. Calorie counts for me are in the same class. If  Government agencies can lie about almost everything, why would we want to trust calorie counters? Who monitors them? Who really cares a jot what they get up to?

I will never claim to have the ins and outs on the science of food, but surely if food were meant to be natural would we really need to count how many calories are in say five grains of rice? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? Did Eve ask how many calories were secretly stored in that Apple? Or did any one bother to ask how many calories the wine and bread contained at the Last Supper? Well, you could also ask about the starters, main meal and the dessert at the Last supper? And if one were padentic, you could stretch that to the fish and bread fed to the thousands. Surely too many calories would have been too bad for the health. Why are we so worried about the food we eat today? Is it poisonous? What doesnt kill you is meant to make you stronger. Are calories killers? In that case Human Rights legislation would suggest they are removed from the food chain.

Who really cares? Or should we care? I dont see anyone giving nutritional advice to the guys facing the death chamber/injection in America. Surely if there is an after-life, one would not want to be starting on the other side, with a body fully-laden with enough fat to power an Oldsmobile! Surely American governments would want to avoid that embarassment. Greatest power, and all on this planet/life.

Why do we so complicate life? Lets live life the way its meant to be. Life is good. Love it. Enjoy it.

Read with benefits

Danielle Darrieux in the French film Lady Chat...

Danielle Darrieux in the French film Lady Chatterley’s Lover (L’Amant de Lady Chatterley) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have heard a lot said about ’50 Shades of Grey’, by E L James. Apparently its ‘soft porn‘ and one of the best books out there. Its flying off the shelves, and has led to an upsurge in Kindle sells. I now know who to blame if there is an upsurge in the Greenhouse effect! Just kidding!

We should be thanking the writer for getting our female friends or partners to get interested in reading again. I have since had more time to play FIFA12 on my PS3 since I bought, the Kindle and the complete set of the book!! Small price to pay for domestic bliss.

This book/set of books has also made me think – since our OHs are now pro-soft porn, surely they should not frown upon us men if and when we decide to watch the late-night soft-porn channels. After all what is good for the gander should be good for the goose! I shall try and test this new ‘enlightened’ world one of these nights and ‘accidentally’ turn the tv over to one of these hitherto ‘banned’ channels. I shall report back on the reaction. One thing I learnt in Chemistry when doing experiments is that you should always wear protection and be prepared for different outcomes. My ‘protection’ (ha-ha, not that type!) will be alcohol so I intend to be slightly inebriated so that I can blame it on the booze. I don’t plan to be too inebriated for I intend to utterly enjoy a positive reaction,if one is forthcoming.

Ever since the day I bought the books, I have been slowly and quietly counting down to the day that I shall receive my real ‘Thanks’. I do not intend to read the book, but like any good investor, I intend to reap the rewards. And on those special occasion(s) I get a return on my investment, I shall secretly be saying ‘thank you’ to E L James.

An update

I have read somewhere that a jealous boyfriend squirted his girlfriend with Ketchup because he was getting jealous of the time she spent with Mr. Grey. Sorry, I meant reading the novel! He is also alleged to have slapped her as well. We should not condone violence at all, for whatever reason. As for squirting the sauce, what a waste of ketchup? However, Mr Bounderby would have used baby oil instead! Not out of jealous! This tome, or ‘mommy porn,” as it is called now, has been a revolutionary revelation. Just looking at a cross-section of Facebook status updates, it is amazing how many women are saying ‘going to bed early’ to read ‘mommy porn’. Mr Bounderby is a very enlightened man, and will never look down upon people who decide to read. Reading is a joy. More people should engage in it. However, I think if we were to juxtapose that with Facebook updates (imaginary updates for the time being) from men stating: ‘I’m off to bed to read Playboy’ or Penthouse’, Hustler’ or even just to watch some late night ‘soft-porn TV‘ ; I bet there would be an outcry and some choice words would be thrown in the men’s direction too. Society is still somewhat uptight when openly talking about what the ‘majority’ consider ‘taboo’.

We should be glad though that ’50 Shades of Grey’ has somehow and unwittingly enlightened a lot of people. A significant proportion of the population anyway. Does anyone remember the hullabaloo that followed the publication of ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover‘? (D. H. Lawrence). The furore and obscenity trials in the USA, Canada,UK and Australia. Maybe we are living in more open times. Times that allow the proliferation of independent thoughts, ideas, divergent opinions, acceptance of diversity, acceptance of free speech etc. Perhaps society is slowly accepting that some of these taboos are a thing for History lectures. Or am I dreaming of some fantasy world? Judging by the reaction of that British gentleman above, and stories like the one below we are still struggling to cope with openness especially when it comes to the same ‘taboo’ subjects like ‘sex’. Feminists are all agog, saying books like ’50 Shades’ denigrate women, and Christian fundamentalists think they are heinous. I am not 100% sure what other religions’ fundamentalists would say or do if they see their women folk reading the book.

I have not read the book myself. However, I am glad the book has been written for it has given me some fodder for the blog. Apart from that, it has also made a lot of women buy and read books. It has also made society realise women actually like that type of written material and that they also do enjoy ‘sex’. Some have come out and confessed they had not read a book for years. Surely anything that makes people read should be welcome. I am certain the nation has benefited immensely. So have the men.

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